What Broads Circle is All About

BC mark only gradientA year and a half ago, I surveyed my close women business friends and learned that they also longed for an organization in Los Angeles with the mission and passion of Broads Circle. What is that mission and passion?

  • Bring together the most powerful women in Los Angeles in intimate forums to meet, share information and build business relationships
  • Enhance the Money and Power impact of women
  • Expand our collective economic footprint

In order to make this happen, we host 6 breakfasts and 4 cocktails annually, featuring women who can speak to our passion and mission, and inspire, engage and motivate other women. Our featured speakers are always women, from a variety of industries and disciplines. They may be women that you do not know or have not heard of, but should know. We pride ourselves in giving notable women a platform to speak.

We believe that those women who have achieved a certain level of business success in LA should know each other. We should be a resource for each other, not to the exclusion of men, but to the inclusion of women. I do business with many men, and I care about their success, but I admire and respect women who have achieved great success just a bit more.

A close friend of mine asked me what my real personal motivation was for forming Broads Circle. I told her that I wanted to form this group so that it could help me increase my revenue and grow my own capital (neither is where I would like it to be). She asked me if I was really that money and power hungry, given that I have a comfortable life, am married and have three children. I had to honestly tell her that I keep several scorecards on myself; I have the good mother, good citizen scorecard and work toward that every day. But I also strongly measure and define myself by my professional achievements.

She inquired further, and asked, “So let’s say that you do make more money and thereby have more power, what will that really do for your life?”  For me, the answer was clear: 

More money and power means greater impact. I want my legacy to be that of business success and achievement. I will frankly share with you that I am far from my goals in that regard, but I want to belong to a “club”, if you will, of people who know me, know my goals and my drive to achieve them, and are willing to share with me information and opportunities that will help me realize those goals.

If you are also a traveler on this journey, please join us at a Broads Circle event by visiting the Events tab here on our blog, or by visiting the Events section on our web site at www.BroadsCircle.com. If you qualify, you may apply for Premium Membership, which I view as a President’s Club of sorts, and we can get together and talk about how we can make women richer and more powerful. You can find the application for Premium Membership on our web site by clicking here.

To our mutual success,
Broads Circle Founder and Chairwoman

“Driving Revenue and Growing Capital for Women”

One Response

  1. Darya,
    Great post and thanks for speaking out for women like you who want a greater impact. Let’s go make more money and gain power to do good. I’m in!

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