Expect to Win


The cover of the January 4, 2010 issue of The Economist states that women are now more than half of the global work force. At Broads Circle, our measure of success for women is not how many, but how much. Our passion is Driving Capital and Growing Revenue for women. So, we are looking for a world where there is parity on the revenue and capital fronts. Our point of view is that the structural impediments to women’s advancement on the money and power front are largely behind us, and the way to equity involves behavioral and social advancement. Our goal is to inspire and create a path for driving revenue and growing capital for women in Los Angeles by bringing together successful women to network, and providing exposure to speakers who have achieved to inspire.

Expect to Win - Carla HarrisWe want to see women expect to win. I recently read successful Wall Street executive Carla Harris’ little book, Expect to Win: Proven Strategies for Success from a Wall Street Vet. “Most people don’t realize that they are responsible for actively and aggressively managing their careers”, says Carla. In her book, she suggests that thinking like a winner means following five principles:

  1. Identify the winning goal and devise a strategy to achieve 
  2. Be fearless in taking on a challenge 
  3. Don’t fear the outcome 
  4. Realize that you will not win alone; a winner does not win alone, but rather as part of an interdependent group 
  5. A winner is the best at their skills, and expects to be the positive outlier

A winner is never in a position where they feel that they are a rider on the bus, while the driver determines the destination. The most important message that Carla Harris talks about in her smart little book is the one of being a master of your own destiny, and conveying that in all that you do. She says to have an agenda, and be captain of your own ship, the architect of your own agenda for success. Instead of letting someone else be in charge of your life, the book provides you with the necessary tools to become your own career coach.

Her pearls of wisdom empowered and inspired me, and gave me the kick that I needed to start off the New Year. Here is some great advice from Carla:

  • Drive your own bus, don’t get detoured.
  • Be authentic, take your real self to work and business meetings.
  • Brand yourself, and realize that everything you do communicates your brand.
  • Learn from your errors, but don’t let them hold you back (you can stumble, but don’t let your errors make you fall).
  • Find three adjectives that best describe you, and train others to perceive you that way. When you are not around, those are the words that should come to mind when people talk about you. 
  • Take calculated risks, but TAKE RISKS.
  • Overcome fear and say yes to a new opportunity.

Thanks to Carla Harris for inspiring and energizing me for the New Year with her book, Expect to Win.  2010, come on, I am ready to take you on!

To our mutual success,

Broads Circle Founder and Chairwoman

Driving Revenue and Building Capital for Women


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