Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! 
Thank you Broads Circle!!!!!

Thank you for sharing my passion for Money and Power for women.

Reciprocity and Relationships are what life and business are all about. I receive when our fantastic speakers give of their time, energy and knowledge to speak at our events. Broads Circle gives our panelists a platform to speak from, and an opportunity to give back. This giving and receiving is the essence of Broads Circle, and the basis for relationships that can, over time, drive revenue and grow capital for our members and friends. Our members and Board make it possible for Broads Circle to exist by generously donating their time and through giving financially.

Broads Circle is committed to your success. We want you all to create your own “cartel” of contacts that are committed to your success (in a reciprocal relationship). As you know, I like to redefine words that have a slightly negative connotation in a positive way. So my definition of Cartel is “a group of individuals who agree to work together to create a market for each other and to influence the market for mutual advantage, thereby helping to grow each other’s revenue.” I am grateful for my cartel, for helping me grow personally and professionally AND for growing my capital.

I think about the people who drive my revenue daily. These are my clients and customers, and my “Most Important Contacts”. These folks help drive my revenue, and their business and welfare are always on my mind. Thanksgiving is a great time to give them a big THANK YOU!!! Other than my family, they are the most important people in my life (remember to remember yours).

When it comes to business, always remember that the greatest way to give thanks is to give back.

Warm wishes,

Darya Allen-Attar
Founder, Broads Circle


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