Welcome to 2011!

Darya Allen-AttarThe new year is here and it’s time to tackle all the challenges and opportunities that it offers. At Broads Circle, we have a very exciting agenda for the new year. In February, we are focusing on the Media Tech industry with an outstanding panel of leading women. In March, we go at the topic of Women on Corporate Boards for a second time, and also launch our “learning from the guys” members-only series of lunches: Broads on Boards. In April, we return to the Health Care industry, and focus on how women leaders in research, industry and health care delivery focus on innovation and leadership. On February 10th, we will hold our first private dinner for Premium Members and speakers at the home of one of our Advisory Board members. We are expanding our corporate sponsorships, and grateful to our solid support from CBIZ Mayer Hoffman McCann and Ernst & Young.

I hope that the new year will bring me, our members and guests many opportunities to monetize relationships created at Broads Circle. As you know, it is all about money and power, and what we can do for each other on that front. It is all about making a commitment to growing the business of the woman sitting next to you. Money is power, and driving revenue and growing capital for each other is the only way to get there.

Sometimes, power is numbers, and as our group grows in number and scale, our ambition is to have a high level woman member from every significant business organization in Los Angeles in our network. Our tagline for 2011 is: Remarkable things happen, when remarkable people connect.

Sometimes, making money also means doing a lot of good. In March, we have one special event that I want to draw your attention to. We are at a crossroads in this country where we need to decide if we truly are committed to defeating cancer, and if we are committed to doing so in our lifetime. To make major inroads in cancer in the next several years, something drastic will need to be done at the regulatory and legislative level. If you are concerned about what tools you and your loved ones will have available if and when you are in a life or death fight with cancer, you should attend this event.
A friend of Broads Circle, Carla Mann Woods, is leading the way and she will be speaking on March 16th about her vision for defeating cancer by 2020. If you heard Carla speak at our February 4, 2010 event for Broads Circle about what it takes to get a drug to market in the U.S., you will remember that she knows her stuff. Also, if anyone can take on the political and economic interests that keep the status quo, it is Carla. She is a powerful, tenacious, articulate and brilliant advocate for all that she puts her mind to. If you want to be part of her plan, join us at the lunch event on March 16, 2011.
Let’s kick into high gear and make 2011 an outstanding year for all of us with the determined, persistent, and committed pursuit of Money and Power for women! Just look at Carla to see what women can accomplish, when they have the force of other remarkable women behind them.

To your success,

Broads Circle Founder


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