Titans of Media Tech hosted by Broads Circle at UCLA

By Megan Lisa Jones

Megan Lisa JonesLast night I was fortunate enough to host the above titled panel. My brilliant panelists were: Andrea Belz (Belz Consulting), Dana Settle (Greycroft), Hilary DeCesare (Everloop), Michele Martell (Cinedigm) and Sandy Barger (Fortune 100 executive).

The panelists presented opinions that ranged from early stage company or investor, to large public company. Confronting the rapidly changing media landscape has challenged everyone across their related disciplines and led to the innovations we all know (Facebook and Avatar), and will birth those yet released.

I was moderating so my notes were limited to five words sneaked onto my Blackberry. Below are the take-away points that linger. Anyone who attended please feel free to comment to this post or email me directly.

The biggest statement that stuck is Martell, in response to a question on how to monetize content said, “Don’t give it away.” What followed then were the points about giving a little bit away or using a piece to advertise and such. But the core point is key – don’t overcomplicate issues. Answers are sometimes simpler than we recognize.

Settle discussed the perhaps limited time for using social networking effectively to build a brand or market. Her core point is that, as with search optimization, those who excel at utilizing social media earlier in its adoption gain a long term advantage.

Other points:

► Digital natives versus digital immigrants; which means that our children are growing up in the Internet world while those of us above a certain age just immigrated into that world.

► Tweens spent $34 billion last year.

► Virtual goods were a $9 billion dollar business last year.

► Think about distribution before creating content. Also, create for a specific audience, engage them and (find ways to) monetize.

► Old media was not participatory. New media is.

We are at the start of the media evolution and the opportunities have only begun!

Thanks to all, and to Darya Allen-Attar – Broad’s Circle Founder – for hosting us.

About Megan Lisa Jones:  Megan is an investment banker who works primarily with companies in the digital media, technology, gaming and other emerging industries.  Her experience includes time with Lazard Freres, Needham & Company and Merrill Lynch. Her investment banking blog is at www.ibla.us; and she released a novel, Captive, in late 2010. Megan is also a valued Broads Circle Premium Member and she produced and moderated the Titans of Media Tech event.


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