Pay it forward!

By Cathy Griffin
Moderator for May 12th “You’re Hired” event

In my work as a career coach, I often find myself conveying a tip that has come to be one of my “trademark” lines to my clients: NEVER TURN DOWN A JOB YOU HAVE NOT BEEN OFFERED.  Listen.  Don’t judge.  You never know where it will lead, what you will learn or who you will meet.  But isn’t it interesting that most comments or tips about a career are about you?  Helping you.  Advancing your career.  Very self-serving, correct?  Go ahead and think about whether you have ended an opportunity before you played it out… but let me turn the tables for a minute.  I’d rather focus now on GIVING, as I feel it comes back in spades.  In life, giving is important, and sometimes more important than focusing on getting.

Keep this in mind.  Take time to help others with their job search.  And you may want to go further.  For example,  you might want to help the person with their kids, parents at the nursing home,  computer, resume or simply give them confidence for the next day’s interview.  Just lighten the load.  This is not a tit-for-tat situation.  It is a good bet that this effort will come back to help you at a later date, or it might not.  Most likely, the courtesies will be returned by someone else.  What goes around comes around, maybe!  Pay it forward!  Let’s see how we can help each other.  Isn’t that what Broads Circle is all about?

Cathy Griffin leads her company, the Griffin Network, an executive coach, business development, executive recruiting, marketing, and project management consulting firm leveraging Griffin’s experience and contacts in entertainment, not-for-profit, sports, hospitality, consumer products, media, new media, communications, executive search and career management.

Phone:  310-344-7057


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