Smart Women Have a Marketing Mantra

by Joy Chudacoff
Broads Circle Advisory Board Member

Joy ChudacoffI recently attended a conference for women business owners and ran into a woman I had not seen for some time.  She looked a little unhappy when I approached her.  I asked her if everything was going well and she shared with me that she had just lost a big client.  In fact, this big client was more than 50% of her business.  Wow!  I’d be upset too.  She was in the process of figuring out what to do next to rebuild her business back to a successful place.  As we talked, I started thinking about the “golden” rule in business for Smart Women:  Always have a marketing “mantra.”

Marketing “mantra?”  What the heck is that?  Let me share a quick scenario that will bring it home for you.  You know that the only way to grow your business is to get your message about what you do out to your ideal clients– right?  The “message” is the “mantra” that you want to communicate over and over again about the benefits your product or service provides to the customer.  You may do this in several ways (I highly recommend more than one!).  You can have a website, use social media, attend conferences, speaking, etc.  Once your “mantra” reaches your idea client (and if your “mantra” is effective), you will then be rewarded with new business.  What’s the first thing you typically stop doing when you get a few great clients and get involved with providing great service?  You stop your marketing “mantra.”

I’ve seen this so many times and I’ve been guilty of allowing this to happen in my own business.  You get so excited about the new clients and doing the work that you love with them, you forget all about keeping the marketing “mantra” going to attract new ideal clients.  This common mistake will prevent your business from going to the next level of success.

I invite you to set up a system in your business to have a continuous, regularly scheduled marketing “mantra.”  The key is to create a plan and make it happen.  This is where having a team of support for help and delegation is essential.  I will share with you that when I got clear and focused on this part of my business, real growth began to happen.  I set up a system that allowed me to communicate with my ideal client and provide excellent service to my existing clients at the same time.

Here are a few tips and solutions to help you get your marketing “mantra” up and running smoothly:

  1. Reach Out and Touch Consistently – It’s important to reach out to your ideal client on a regular basis with information that they need and will enjoy receiving.  Decide how often you’d like to “touch” your ideal client with your “mantra.”  I recommend weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  Any of these will work, so choose what works best for you and do it consistently.
  2. Focus your “Mantra” – This is where it’s really key to know who your ideal client is.  Focus your message and your useful information in a way that solves problems for your client.  Show how you can add value through your knowledge and expertise.
  3. Get some help – Don’t try to do this alone!  It’s nearly impossible to work with your clients effectively and have a consistent flow of communication if you are attempting to do this all by yourself.  There are plenty of skilled people who would love to help you get your “mantra” out to the right people.

Having a consistent, clear, regularly scheduled marketing “mantra” can make the difference between having a business that is doing well with a few clients and one that is super successful serving scores of clients effectively.   I know which one I want.  How about you?

Anything is possible. Everything is waiting for you.


Copyright 2011 Joy Chudacoff
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