Take Your Career to the Next Level

By Darya Allen-Attar
Broads Circle Founder

Darya Allen-AttarIf you are a C-level woman at a middle market company, you need to attend our Broads Circle Buy the CEO Spot event. Women COOs, CTOS, CMOs, and CIOs often can run the business they work in and know, but lack the access to capital to buy that business out.  Our panel of experts will show you the MONEY and tell you how it’s done on May 26.  Join us at this very important Broads Circle event which features Renée LaBran, one of the most senior women Venture Capital partners in the country.

Want to be on a for-profit corporate Board, but not sure how it’s done?  Join us for our Broads on Boards lunch on June 1.  If you have the resumé, CPA, MBA, industry expertise, or specific domain expertise, you may have a path to the boardroom.  This 2nd Quarter Broads on Boards lunch series event features Dick Poladian, who serves on three corporate Boards — Western Asset Management, Occidental and Public Storage. Also meet Ron Buckly, who serves on the Boards of Tekelec and Ixia.  Mark Hiraide, a securities attorney who served with the SEC enforcement division both in Los Angeles and DC, will moderate and also comment for this panel.

Broads Circle wants to help you get to the next level, by providing you with opportunities to make connections that will allow you to achieve your goals.  We need to know more about you and also reach more women who work at Fortune 500 companies.  Tell us what we can do to help you — your feedback is much appreciated! 

If you tell us more about yourself, we can do more for you.  For example:

  • What is your money and power game?
  • How do you drive revenue for yourself and your company?
  • What do you need to achieve more power in your organization?
  • Who do you need to build a relationship with?

Broads Circle wants to be your digital networking assistant, helping you find that person who will be a remarkable connection for you.  Can we leverage your time by combing our ever-growing database of over 5,000 Los Angeles business people, and put you in the same physical or virtual space as that key person who will help you drive revenue and grow capital?

Yes, I want to make a remarkable connection!

Help us help you by networking with us and telling us more about what you need to grow your revenue and power.  We want every remarkable woman in Los Angeles to be part of Broads Circle!

To your success,

Darya Allen-Attar
Broads Circle Founder
Financial Advisor
Email: darya@broadscircle.com


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