Broads Circle Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Darya Allen-AttarBroads Circle celebrated its 3-year anniversary with a reunion event on July 13th, with the Marketing Me lunch.  Three years ago in July, Broads Circle hosted its very first meeting and the topic of the event was “Branding Yourself” and our speaker was Joy Chudacoff.  Joy has since become a member of our Advisory Board, and she moderated this marketing event lunch for us.  We had a record turnout for this event and an expanded workshop version is in the works.  The topic is important because women tend to be worker bees, and forget that real power and money comes from driving revenue and growing capital.  Marketing drives revenue and that means Money.  We forget that it is not how brilliant and hardworking you are that gets you ahead — it is how you market all that you do.

A piece that David Darst sent me this week reminded me of this.  Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, gave a fabulous commencement address at the Barnard College graduation.  As you may know, Barnard is mainly a girls’ school, and Sheryl gave those girls some straight talk about gender equity and goals to strive for.  She sited many studies, but said three things that as a woman and mother of a daughter, I found interesting (the following points are based on her commencement address):

  1. Studies show that Success and Likeability are positively correlated for men, but negatively correlated for women.  As women get more powerful and affluent, people like them less. So as a natural response, women don’t reach because they want people to like them.
  2. It turns out that studies show that male college graduates are more ambitious than the female graduates, and women in the workforce generally underestimate their performance.  People with less ambition don’t reach, and if you underestimate yourself, others are far more likely to underestimate you.
  3. Studies have also shown that 15% of all top jobs in corporate America are occupied by women.  Surprise, surprise, if you are not conditioned to want money and power, are less ambitious and underestimate yourself, is it any wonder that only 15% of top jobs are occupied by women (even though 50% of the workforce is female)?

After those depressing statistics, Sandberg closed with the following comments and set a challenge for the women in the crowd, loosely quoted here: “I suggest that Leadership belongs to those who take it. Do not lean back, lean forward!  Put your foot on the gas pedal and keep it there until you get your share of the Money and Power!!  Fortune favors the BOLD!

We will be giving out awards this fall, and we are looking for Bottom Line Broads — women who are focused on Money and Power, and drive revenue and grow capital.  We also look forward to getting to know our terrific new members at our private dinner this fall for members only! Have a great August, as Broads Circle will take a break from our newsletter in August and return in September.

To your success,

Darya Allen-Attar
Broads Circle Founder
Financial Advisor


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