Your Personal Board of Directors

Darya Allen-AttarOver the last couple of years through relationships expanded as a result of Broads Circle, I have formed a personal Board of Directors. You know, a little group of people who as Keith Ferrazzi says, “have my back.” I highly recommend that you create such a group for yourself. Think about it this way: it takes a village to help you succeed, and a personal Board of Directors can help you get there!

As for who should be on your Board, look close to home: friends, colleagues, professionals and family members. Who do you admire and who has information that can be valuable to you? Picking the right people is really tricky. It took me a while to figure this out. Before I was able to choose my Board members, I had to get to know myself on this issue first. No matter who you choose, it is absolutely necessary that you always keep one thing in mind: those serving on your metaphorical Board are doing so because they care about you and your future. Like the Board of Directors of a company, your personal Board of Directors need to have the right mix of necessary elements. Taken from the Caroline Dowd-Higgins study and book: Look for the connector, the accountability master, the shoulder to cry on, the dreamer and the mentor to sit on your Board. They can be 5 different people or just a couple of people who possess all five characteristics.

The Necessary Elements:

  • The Connector – The person who is well-established in the community, respected in their field, and most importantly, seems to know everyone worth knowing.
  • The Accountability Master – This person will hold you to task and give you the gentle (or not so gentle) nudge to get you moving towards your goal.
  • The Shoulder to Cry On – Sometimes you just want someone to listen to your woes, sympathize with your situation, and not make you feel bad for having the occasional pity party.
  • The Dreamer – The dreamer thinks big and they believe in you in a big way, motivating you to accomplish goals that once seemed beyond your wildest imagination.
  • The Mentor – This person has your back and pushes you to be your best.  This is a person you trust and respect and whose guidance has already led you to success!

To your success,

Darya Allen-Attar
Broads Circle Founder
Financial Advisor


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