Invest in Yourself

Linda LoReAs the year is winding down, we have some great events to close it out on a positive note.  Be sure to check out the upcoming events listing on our website to learn more.   Our first annual Bottom Line Broads Awards on November 3rd was so exciting for us! We had a fantastic group of women who are leading the way in driving revenue and growing capital. View the event photos at

Is your revenue growth stalling a bit this year due to a tough economy?   Are you growing your capital as you would like?   If not, you may need to invest more time and effort in generating revenue for yourself and your business. I don’t mean sitting there doing the work, but maybe you should invest more in rainmaking.

Broads Circle events provide the opportunity to build business relationships. We believe that successful, impactful, powerful people have strong networks. They draw on these networks in driving revenue and growing capital for themselves and their corporations. Our events provide opportunities for exceptional women in Los Angeles to meet and create high quality money and power connections. Perfect for the Alpha-Girl building a stellar career.

If you are ready to take your revenue and capital to the next level, invest in yourself by attending an upcoming event and connecting with our guests and members. One conversation with the “right” person can help take your business to the next level. If you’ve never attended an event, we invite you to join us and find out what you’re missing!

Interested in membership? We offer the following networking tools for our members:

  1. Members-only dinners following cocktail events
  2. Monthly Huddle small group lunches
  3. Broads Pods – focus groups for specific industries/niches
  4. Writing articles for Broads Blogs
  5. Posting your news to the website or the member newsletter
  6. Publicizing your company events
  7. Connecting with other members to help build your business

Contact to request a membership application.

Darya Allen-Attar
Broads Circle Founder
Financial Advisor


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