Happy New Year!!

Darya Allen-AttarI have decided that the word for me in 2012 is STRATEGIC!!!  In 2012, which promises to be a complex year, I will be working on strategic growth of my business and assets, strategic positioning and strategic alliances. It is part of my realization that with the complexity that this year promises, time and resources are particularly limited, and that I need to plan, position and deploy resources carefully, and execute brilliantly to make this year count.  Plan, position and pounce!!!

Let’s tackle the challenges and sieze the opportunities together!   Building relationships and having authentic conversations is what makes my life fun, and we got to do that at the January Broads Circle members-only Monthly Huddle – Meet the CFOs.  At this lunch, we created the first Broads Pod! The CFO Broads Pod was created with new members Berenice Officer, Dogswell; Dawn Olsen, VCA Antech; Jen Petrovich, Body Armour; and Anne Plechner, CFO Consulting.  If you know of other members (or potential new members) who are CFOs and would like to join the CFO Broads Pod, please let us know.

The February Monthly Huddle is Meet the Investment Bankers and women in private equity, and will be on February 8th.  Hope to see our members there!  If you know of any women general counsels, please invite them to Broads Circle, as our March Monthly Huddle will be Meet the GCs.

Broads Circle is going to Orange County!  Our first event in OC will be held on Feb 15th.  Broads Circle is looking for C-Level women leaders in the OC to join the panel.  We have formed an OC advisory board to help plan and produce our events in OC. If you know of any OC professional women who would like to get involved with Broads Circle OC, please contact us.

Corporate Sponsors: Our goal in 2012 is to get a corporate sponsor for each of our events.  We are currently looking for a corporate sponsor for our April 26th cocktail event, Women CEOs of LA’s Hottest Emerging Companies.  Also, we would like to have a corporate sponsor for our mid-May Board Service on Non-Profit Boards Workshop.  This event is focused on helping women find non-profit board opportunities and will feature Round Tables headed by local non-profit organizations.  Click here to view our sponsorship flyer.  We hope to hear from you soon!

To your success,


Darya Allen-Attar
Broads Circle Founder
Financial Advisor
Email: darya@broadscircle.com


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