Broads on Boards Workshop

Fay FeeneyBy Fay Feeney
CEO, Risk for Good
Broads Circle Advisory Board Member

Join us on April 17th for lunch and the opportunity to put your plan together for reaching for that board seat or big client or the corner office.  It all begins with the vision of what you want to see happen.    We’ll be focused on how you can align your unique network to open the boardroom doors for you.  If opening the boardroom door is something you’ve thought about, we’ll work with you to put together a plan.  If getting a new client or job is more to your liking, our lunch will be the perfect place to begin your planning.

We’ll be able to use our time together to learn from Joy Chudacoff about having a plan and from Rochelle Moulton about crafting your marketing message.  With a plan and a clear message, Money and Power become attainable goals.  Mark your calendar to join us for this unique opportunity to create your future.

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Fay Feeney
CEO, Risk for Good
Fay is an engaged member of the governance communities of Web 2.0 (Linked In, Twitter & Facebook) and a regular attendee at governance education.  She holds the Director Professional Governance Fellow 2011 certificate from NACD.

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