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Broads CircleHave you ever been to a Broads Circle event?  If not, what’s holding you back?  Please take a few moments to answer 3 quick questions and give us your feedback.  Click here to take the survey  

At Broads Circle what we care about is Helping Women Make Money!!!  In an era of financial crises, it has not been easy even for the ‘best of the best’ to grow capital and drive revenue.  But we feel a change in play for women who have the motivation and ambition to drive revenue and grow capital, a time that offers extraordinary opportunity to achieve exceptional results in all metrics for women:

  • Revenue: bottom line money, money in the pocket
  • Capital Transactions: women enjoying liquidity events
  • Power Women Capitalists: women sitting in power seats in the C-Suite and in the corporate Boardroom

The Broads on Boards 2042 Manifesto:  Calling all women captains of industry and other brilliant women!  Let’s take on the challenge that we will work our way into those corporate board seats, until we get to parity by 2042!  No excuses!

March 20:  3rd Annual Women on Corporate Boards
Sponsored by Levine Leichtman Capital Partners
Broads on Boards is hosting this event downtown LA.  If you want to power network with the women who sit at the table in corporate boardrooms, come to this event at the Omni Hotel and learn from corporate Board Directors of Lazy Boy, Jack in the Box, Conway and Whole Foods.  Ask them if they think that women can conquer 50% of all American corporate board seats by 2042.  Register by March 18 to avoid late registration fee!

Register here

June 5:  Driving Revenue at the Legal Speed Limit! – Sponsored by Latham & Watkins

Women General Counsels discuss sitting in the C-Suite and how to make sure you are driving revenue and growing capital within the law.  Our panel will discuss how to push the pedal to the metal on revenue and capital growth and still play fully within the law, in an increasingly regulated and legally complex global business environment.  We are currently working on putting this panel together–stay tuned for more details.  

Also this summer, we will host a panel focused on Women in Real Estate on July 12.  Then in the fall, it’s off to the races with women growing capital.  In America, we create wealth by creating businesses that offer great value and then monetizing those businesses, either by sharing the wealth with investors in the public markets or by monetizing through a sale.  But as we all know, it’s not so easy to make it all happen.

September 27:  Women Exploring Strategic Alternatives: What is the right next move for your business? Merger or Sale, to be or not to be?  These questions and more will be discussed with our panel.  This event is open for sponsorship.  More details coming soon.

October:  Are the Capital Markets Friendly to Women?  Can Women IPO?  Do the capital markets care about gender?  Currently working on building this panel – open for sponsorship.

It is your time Now!  Broads Circle wants to help you make things happen.  If you have a passion for Money and Power, come out and celebrate your drive to achieve, leverage all your skills, talents and opportunities to drive revenue and grow your capital.  Then when you make it big, don’t forget to become a self-made woman philanthropist.

Last but not least, it will be party time this summer for our Premium Members and past speakers, at our second annual Bottom Line Broads Cocktail Party.  Members and past speakers can socialize without an agenda and get to know each other.  It’s a great time to become a Premium Member–come out and power network with us to leverage your business and rock your revenue!   Remember that it is all about Revenue and, with that in mind, Commerce between members is a key objective of Broads Circle.  Please keep track of business that you get or opportunities that you have been introduced to as a result of Broads Circle.  We want you to help us get the word out about the Revenue that Broads Circle is helping generate. Learn more about membership.

We have some terrific new Premium Members this month!  We’re delighted to welcome:

  • Susan M. Collyns, CFO/COO, formerly with California Pizza Kitchen, Inc.
  • Elisabeth Dick, Regional Managing Director, Resources Global Professionals
  • Nicole Fry, Managing Director, Imperial Capital, LLC
  • Kerry Johnson Anthony, President, Susan’s Healthy Gourmet; Lifespring Home Nutrition; and Xan Confections
  • Meg O’Toole, President and COO, Dynamic Healthcare Systems
  • Pamela Palmer, Partner, Securities Litigation and Corporate Governance, Latham & Watkins LLP

We hope to see you soon!  View upcoming events at www.BroadsCircle.com.

Darya Allen-AttarTo your success,


Darya Allen-Attar
Founder, Broads Circle
Email: darya@broadscircle.com


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