Independent Contractor or Employee?

What are the new laws and penalties?

Olivia GoodkinBy Olivia Goodkin
Partner, Employment & Complex Business Litigation
Greenberg Glusker
Broads Circle Premium Member

It is business as usual in California, with stricter employment laws now in effect to vex companies of all sizes.  My challenge as an employment attorney is to advise my clients on compliance with the law, but in a way that contemplates the practical aspects of running a business.  This year I will be focusing on the new penalties for violation of the laws regarding classification of workers as independent contractors instead of employees (one lawsuit under the new law already has been threatened against a client of mine), drafting commissions agreements for salespersons, which will be required for all California salespersons as of January 1, 2013, and revising arbitration agreements to comply with ever-changing judicial opinion.  Click here for more information about arbitration agreements.

I am now practicing law from my new perch as a partner at Greenberg Glusker, a full-service firm in Century City. Greenberg Glusker provides a wonderful platform for me in that my clients have access to excellent attorneys specializing in corporate law, real estate law, litigation and estate planning.  I recently introduced Broads Circle to Greenberg Glusker, and the firm has fully endorsed my involvement in the group, as evidenced by our co-sponsorship of the event for HR executives on March 6. What a great event it was, with a panel of exceptional women.  In fact, I joined Broads Circle after the very first event I attended, as I was so impressed with the quality of the programming and knew I wanted to be a part of the intelligent and thought-provoking discourse.  I have not been disappointed.

Olivia Goodkin
Partner, Employment & Complex Business Litigation
Olivia represents companies on all employment law issues, including wage and hour laws, wrongful termination, trade secret misappropriation, covenants not to compete, and retaliation, sexual harassment and discrimination claims.

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