A cue ball on a billiard table…

Thomas Troiani
Managing Partner, Craft Strategies, LLC

Billiard BallsBeing a man at a Broads Circle event is like being a cue ball on a billiard table; I simply stand out. Attending the Broads Circle events has been a very unique experience for me. The Broads Circle events have helped me to understand how a woman must feel in a male dominated event or business meeting.

Speaking for myself, I feel uncomfortable, a bit insecure, and vulnerable to the attacking eyes of those who judge. As I stand amongst a sea of women, I know that the backs of my shoes are shined and I am hoping that there are no stains on my shirt from lunch because someone will notice if there is anything out of place. Is this what a woman goes through in a male dominated meeting or event?

With all of this being said, the women that I have met are worth the temporary discomfort. There is always a few brave women who empathize with me and have the bravado to approach me. Someone will come up to me with a kind smile and a glean in her eyes, and start a conversation. I always seem to learn something during our discussion. I have met some very bright, powerful, and kind women at the Broads Circle and always enjoy the experience.


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