Broads Circle is an executive-level networking group with a focus on MONEY and POWER for WOMEN.

BroadsCircleDec2012_panel12We organize events that provide a venue for established, successful women to make high quality revenue connections. A “Broad” in our circle is a dynamic, smart, successful woman responsible for driving revenue and growing capital. We are focused on taking women to the next and highest level in business by bringing together women in a variety of industries who share the same career and personal drivers to generate revenue and assume leadership positions. To our delight, connections made at Broads Circle events have resulted in significant business for our members.

We talk exclusively about issues related to Money and Power for women. We bring accomplished, successful women to our audience for discussion of topics that can enhance a woman’s capital position and ability to increase revenue in her business. We stay away from issues of life balance and the traditional working woman topics that are much discussed in other venues. We like to have hard-hitting, frank and direct dialogue at our events and tell it to women like it is.

Special thanks to Broads Circle annual corporate sponsors for supporting women’s initiatives. Their generous contributions help make our events possible. Click here to view our sponsorship package.

Ernst & Young LLP

Latham & Watkins LLP


Dana Hollinger Group


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