Diversity Event: Photos and Video

Thanks to our wonderful panel from the November 13th event, “Does Diversity Deliver Dollars to the Bottom Line?”, held at the Luxe Sunset Hotel!  Thanks also to our generous sponsor, CBIZ MHM, LLC.
Diversity Panel, Nov 13, 2012
L to R:
ROSALYN TAYLOR O’NEALE, President of Leading From The Heart Consulting;
DAISY AUGER-DOMINGUEZ, Vice President, Organization and Workplace Diversity, Disney ABC Television Group;
DARYA ALLEN-ATTAR, Founder of Broads Circle and Financial Advisor;
DEBRA LANGFORD, Entertainment Industry Veteran and Member, USO Board of Governors;
SUNNY CLAGGETT, Corporate Vice President, Organizational Development and Talent Management, CBIZ MHM, LLC;
KIMBERLY MYERS, Director of Diversity, Writers Guild of America, West;
CHERYL CALHOUN, Managing Director, Tax & Business Management, CBIZ MHM, LLC

View opening remarks and panel introductions from the event:


Independent Contractor or Employee?

What are the new laws and penalties?

Olivia GoodkinBy Olivia Goodkin
Partner, Employment & Complex Business Litigation
Greenberg Glusker
Broads Circle Premium Member

It is business as usual in California, with stricter employment laws now in effect to vex companies of all sizes.  My challenge as an employment attorney is to advise my clients on compliance with the law, but in a way that contemplates the practical aspects of running a business.  This year I will be focusing on the new penalties for violation of the laws regarding classification of workers as independent contractors instead of employees (one lawsuit under the new law already has been threatened against a client of mine), drafting commissions agreements for salespersons, which will be required for all California salespersons as of January 1, 2013, and revising arbitration agreements to comply with ever-changing judicial opinion.  Click here for more information about arbitration agreements.

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Human Resources – A Strategic Weapon in Driving Revenue

Kimberly CongdonBy Kimberly Congdon
Regional Vice President, Human Resources
Time Warner Cable, West Region
Broads Circle Bottom Line Broads Member

As a Human Resources Executive, having to convince others of the value of our function is not a new phenomenon.  The role of HR has changed as well as the name. Many forward thinking organizations refer to the role as People and Organization or Human Capital.  Me, I really like the terminology Human Resources as long as people think about both words – Human and Resources – instead of conjuring up that nice HR lady that helps me when I have problems with my benefits.  Frankly, her job was outsourced a few years ago.  There can’t possibly be a savvy business person out there that doesn’t understand that people are expensive, but the question is: Do you view it as strictly an expense or as capital that is at your disposal to either use effectively or waste?  Once the concept of maximizing human capital instead of getting rid of expenses takes hold, you’re ready to welcome a Human Resources executive in as your partner.

In my own experience, I have been engaged in lead roles of five sweeping and dramatic organizational changes over the past 7 years.   The bigger the ship, the harder it is to turn it, and the West Region that went through those changes consisted of 9,200 people and was a little over $3billion in revenue.  Those five changes were: Continue reading

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