Women of Silicon Beach

By Julie MacMedan, Vice President of Investor Relations, Demand Media, Inc.
Broads Circle Premier Member and President of Executive Broads group

Silicon BeachFrom the LA Times to SoCalTech.com to the Wall Street Journal, LA’s vibrant entrepreneurial scene – branded “Silicon Beach” – is making headlines.  And for good reason: AngelList, a community of startups, lists 1400 startups and 1300 investors in LA and that’s just a subset of the total number. Represent.la shows a map of more than 600 startups, 15 accelerators, 28 incubators and 47 investors. It’s no wonder that we are seeing articles on Forbes.com titled “Why Los Angeles Will Outpace Silicon Valley As The Tech Startup Capital.”

Standing out among the success stories of Silicon Beach are several women entrepreneurs who will be featured on our May 22nd Panel: “Women of Silicon Beach”:

Deborah Benton, President and COO of Nasty Gal, an online new & vintage clothing website recently recognized as 2012’s fastest-growing retail company according to Inc. 5000. Inc. 5000 also recognized Nasty Gal as the fastest growing company in Los Angeles, mainly due to its tremendous 10,000% growth from 2008 – 2012.

Susan Feldman, Co-Founder/Chief Merchandising Officer of One Kings Lane who brings her passion “for all things home” to the leading online marketplace for the home, where consumers can find exceptional value on an extensive collection of top-brand, vintage, and designer items. Feldman and her partner Alison Pincus launched the business in early 2009, and have experienced explosive growth, with revenues on track to hit $200M, doubling revenue from 2011.

Courtney Nichols Gould, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of SmartyPants Vitamins who has built an Internet brand from the ground up to market and distribute healthy gummy vitamins.  Previously, Courtney was the founding COO of Clear, the fast pass for airport security.

Therese Tucker, CEO and founder of BlackLine Systems, formerly CTO of Sungard Treasury Systems, who has successfully grown her company into a multi-national SaaS provider that has achieved numerous awards for growth and innovation, most recently recognized by Software Magazine for the second year in a row as one of the largest and ‘best performing’ software and service providers in the world.

Each of these amazing women underscore the powerful role that women are playing in LA’s startup scene.

Our May 22nd Broads Circle program will feature these exciting women on a panel geared towards how they translated their vision to get their companies off the ground and expand on their initial success, and how they approached capital raising to finance their various stages of growth.  How did they balance the desire to maintain significant ownership with the need for capital?  Did they need to leave LA to secure financing and if so, is that trend shifting as LA builds a stronger startup ecosystem?

We look forward to hearing from this impressive group of women entrepreneurs in May. Look for your invitation to arrive in early 2013!


Congrats to finalists for 2012 LABJ Women Making a Difference Awards!

Women Making a Difference

Congratulations to the following Bottom Line Broads who were finalists in this year’s LABJ Women Making a Difference Awards!

Lauren Leichtman, Levine Leichtman Capital Partners

Lisa Greer Quateman, Polsinelli Shughart LLP

Darya Allen-Attar, Broads Circle

Robbin Itkin, Steptoe & Johnson LLP

Click here to view the LABJ Women Making a Difference supplement.

Special Membership Offer for C-Level Women

By Darya Allen-Attar
Founder, Broads Circle

Darya Allen-AttarThis month I want to share with you that I have joined the corporate board of Mann Healthcare Partners, a private local company founded by someone you may know from Broads Circle, Carla Mann Woods. As founder, CEO and Chairman of Mann Healthcare Partners, Carla brings her 20 years of experience in the development, marketing and distribution of life science products to this new venture. It is exciting for me to be involved at the corporate board level with Carla’s new start-up company that focuses on high tech life science!

Broads Circle is committed to Money and Power for women, and that includes support for women-owned businesses. If women want to benefit from an increased share of global capital, they must increase their participation through active involvement and support for growth capital opportunities. Our Buy the CEO Spot event in May discussed this topic in depth, and presented a lesson on how women who know a business can partner with capital providers to buy a company and lead it up the value chain!

In the spirit of getting more women leaders involved with Broads Circle, we would like to extend an offer of free membership to women who are C-Level at middle market companies (positions like CEO, CFO, Controller, CIO). Kim Christensen (kim@broadscircle.com) can help you qualify referrals to Broads Circle for the free membership offer.

We are happy to announce that we have some great new members:

  • Renee Becker, Esq., Counsel, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP
  • Andrea Belz, PhD, President, Belz Commercialization Consulting Group
  • Alice Cardenas, Executive Director, Alice Cardenas Consulting Company
  • Chris Hagemann, Director of Finance, Sunkist Growers
  • Rochelle Moulton, CEO, Rochelle Moulton & Team, Inc.

You can view member bios on our Leadership Profiles website page. Later this summer, there will be an opportunity for members and past speakers to gather at a private dinner event. If you are not a member, and have not been to a Broads Circle event, please join us for our Marketing Me event this summer or any of our terrific events this fall. Have a great start to your summer, and see you in July!

To your success,

Darya Allen-Attar
Broads Circle Founder
Financial Advisor
Email: darya@broadscircle.com

Take Your Career to the Next Level

By Darya Allen-Attar
Broads Circle Founder

Darya Allen-AttarIf you are a C-level woman at a middle market company, you need to attend our Broads Circle Buy the CEO Spot event. Women COOs, CTOS, CMOs, and CIOs often can run the business they work in and know, but lack the access to capital to buy that business out.  Our panel of experts will show you the MONEY and tell you how it’s done on May 26.  Join us at this very important Broads Circle event which features Renée LaBran, one of the most senior women Venture Capital partners in the country.

Want to be on a for-profit corporate Board, but not sure how it’s done?  Join us for our Broads on Boards lunch on June 1.  If you have the resumé, CPA, MBA, industry expertise, or specific domain expertise, you may have a path to the boardroom.  This 2nd Quarter Broads on Boards lunch series event features Dick Poladian, who serves on three corporate Boards — Western Asset Management, Occidental and Public Storage. Also meet Ron Buckly, who serves on the Boards of Tekelec and Ixia.  Mark Hiraide, a securities attorney who served with the SEC enforcement division both in Los Angeles and DC, will moderate and also comment for this panel.

Broads Circle wants to help you get to the next level, by providing you with opportunities to make connections that will allow you to achieve your goals.  We need to know more about you and also reach more women who work at Fortune 500 companies.  Tell us what we can do to help you — your feedback is much appreciated! 

If you tell us more about yourself, we can do more for you.  For example:

  • What is your money and power game?
  • How do you drive revenue for yourself and your company?
  • What do you need to achieve more power in your organization?
  • Who do you need to build a relationship with?

Broads Circle wants to be your digital networking assistant, helping you find that person who will be a remarkable connection for you.  Can we leverage your time by combing our ever-growing database of over 5,000 Los Angeles business people, and put you in the same physical or virtual space as that key person who will help you drive revenue and grow capital?

Yes, I want to make a remarkable connection!

Help us help you by networking with us and telling us more about what you need to grow your revenue and power.  We want every remarkable woman in Los Angeles to be part of Broads Circle!

To your success,

Darya Allen-Attar
Broads Circle Founder
Financial Advisor
Email: darya@broadscircle.com

What Broads Circle is All About

BC mark only gradientA year and a half ago, I surveyed my close women business friends and learned that they also longed for an organization in Los Angeles with the mission and passion of Broads Circle. What is that mission and passion?

  • Bring together the most powerful women in Los Angeles in intimate forums to meet, share information and build business relationships
  • Enhance the Money and Power impact of women
  • Expand our collective economic footprint

In order to make this happen, we host 6 breakfasts and 4 cocktails annually, featuring women who can speak to our passion and mission, and inspire, engage and motivate other women. Our featured speakers are always women, from a variety of industries and disciplines. They may be women that you do not know or have not heard of, but should know. We pride ourselves in giving notable women a platform to speak.

We believe that those women who have achieved a certain level of business success in LA should know each other. We should be a resource for each other, not to the exclusion of men, but to the inclusion of women. I do business with many men, and I care about their success, but I admire and respect women who have achieved great success just a bit more.

A close friend of mine asked me what my real personal motivation was for forming Broads Circle. I told her that I wanted to form this group so that it could help me increase my revenue and grow my own capital (neither is where I would like it to be). She asked me if I was really that money and power hungry, given that I have a comfortable life, am married and have three children. I had to honestly tell her that I keep several scorecards on myself; I have the good mother, good citizen scorecard and work toward that every day. But I also strongly measure and define myself by my professional achievements.

She inquired further, and asked, “So let’s say that you do make more money and thereby have more power, what will that really do for your life?”  For me, the answer was clear: 

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Broads Circle, Los Angeles

Broads Circle is an informal network of top level, professional and business women in Los Angeles. We meet for breakfast, bi-monthly, the second Wednesday of the odd numbered months, and discuss business issues with a featured guest, usually a woman CEO, CFO or other top female professional.

The mission of the group is to increase the revenue that women generate, and thereby increase our economic power. Through this organization, we will connect women where there are revenue synergies. While our guest list for our breakfasts is ever increasing in numbers, and currently stands at over 500 members, we limit our breakfast events to 25 women (first RSVPs accepted). We also host larger evening cocktail events on a quarterly basis.

The focus of the cocktails in 2009 is Women Innovators in fields such as Health Care and Medicine, Consumer Products, Energy, Technology and Government.

To our mutual success,
Broads Circle Founder and Chairman

“Driving Revenue and Growing Capital for Women”

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