What’s on tap for 2013: Power Networking Plus

Power NetworkingJoin us for 5 Bigger and Better
Power Networking Plus Events:

  • February – Women on Corporate Boards
  • May – Women CEOs of HOT Companies
  • July – Women Raising Capital
  • October – Power Players
  • December – Annual Philanthropy Luncheon

Bottom Line Broads


Who is a Bottom Line Broad?

  • She has Bottom Line Responsibility
  • She can be a Business Owner
  • She is a woman in the C-Suite
  • She can be a current or aspiring Corporate Board Member
  • She can be a TOP level Service Provider
  • She is a Woman Leader
  • She can make things happen for other women
  • She wants to collaborate with other women to build our Collective Money and Power!
  • In short, she Drives Revenue and Grows Capital!

Application and approval is required for Bottom Line Broad membership – apply online here.

What you get for your membership:

  • Post-cocktail event private dinners to build relationships with other Bottom Line Broads and event panelists
  • Members-only networking events bi-monthly
  • Become part of and contribute to a Broads Pod niche networking group that is industry or role-focused

Join us!!  Let’s keep the conversation going!


Congrats to finalists for 2012 LABJ Women Making a Difference Awards!

Women Making a Difference

Congratulations to the following Bottom Line Broads who were finalists in this year’s LABJ Women Making a Difference Awards!

Lauren Leichtman, Levine Leichtman Capital Partners

Lisa Greer Quateman, Polsinelli Shughart LLP

Darya Allen-Attar, Broads Circle

Robbin Itkin, Steptoe & Johnson LLP

Click here to view the LABJ Women Making a Difference supplement.

New Committee Chairs for Broads Circle

Dana Hollinger, J.D.Dana Hollinger, J.D., has accepted the position as Broads Circle Chairman of the Revenue Connections Committee. In this role, she will be facilitating connections for Broads Circle members that will drive revenue for their business.  Also, Dana will be looking for new qualified women leaders to bring into our Bottom Line Broads group.

As we are hosting our second Orange County event on June 28th, we look forward to having more Orange County women join our group as members.  Also, we will be expanding to San Francisco in the fall, so if you have qualified contacts in the Bay area please direct them to Dana (dana@danahollinger.com).

Tracy WilliamsTracy Williams, President and CEO of Olmstead Williams Communications, has accepted the position as Chairman of the Communications Committee.  She will be leading our PR efforts and bringing promotional and awards opportunities to us and our members.

Extraordinary Exceptionalism

Broads CircleHave you ever been to a Broads Circle event?  If not, what’s holding you back?  Please take a few moments to answer 3 quick questions and give us your feedback.  Click here to take the survey  

At Broads Circle what we care about is Helping Women Make Money!!!  In an era of financial crises, it has not been easy even for the ‘best of the best’ to grow capital and drive revenue.  But we feel a change in play for women who have the motivation and ambition to drive revenue and grow capital, a time that offers extraordinary opportunity to achieve exceptional results in all metrics for women:

  • Revenue: bottom line money, money in the pocket
  • Capital Transactions: women enjoying liquidity events
  • Power Women Capitalists: women sitting in power seats in the C-Suite and in the corporate Boardroom

The Broads on Boards 2042 Manifesto:  Calling all women captains of industry and other brilliant women!  Let’s take on the challenge that we will work our way into those corporate board seats, until we get to parity by 2042!  No excuses!

March 20:  3rd Annual Women on Corporate Boards
Sponsored by Levine Leichtman Capital Partners
Broads on Boards is hosting this event downtown LA.  If you want to power network with the women who sit at the table in corporate boardrooms, come to this event at the Omni Hotel and learn from corporate Board Directors of Lazy Boy, Jack in the Box, Conway and Whole Foods.  Ask them if they think that women can conquer 50% of all American corporate board seats by 2042.  Register by March 18 to avoid late registration fee!

Register here

June 5:  Driving Revenue at the Legal Speed Limit! – Sponsored by Latham & Watkins

Women General Counsels discuss sitting in the C-Suite and how to make sure you are driving revenue and growing capital within the law.  Our panel will discuss how to push the pedal to the metal on revenue and capital growth and still play fully within the law, in an increasingly regulated and legally complex global business environment.  We are currently working on putting this panel together–stay tuned for more details.   Continue reading

Broads Circle is Growing!

Broads CircleBroads Circle is all about money and power for women. Driving revenue and growing capital is our mission, vision and passion.  So, Broads Circle is all about you. It is about what you need to grow your bottom line,  drive your revenue, and grow your capital. This group is about the relationships and strategies that will allow you to:

  • Leverage your money and power
  • Win that piece of business that will transform your game
  • Get that deal that is a career builder
  • Get that CEO, CFO, COO job
  • Get on that for profit corporate board
  • Take that company public
  • Raise capital for your startup
  • Sell that business for a great multiple
  • Be that self-made woman major philanthropist

In order for women to get to revenue and capital parity, we must all lean forward and help each other as strong advocates. We hope that you will use this group, the power networking events, the Broads on Boards events, the Broads Pods groups, and the Monthly Huddle lunches to expand your network, and become an absolute Rock Star in your world!!! Come and be a part of Broads Circle! Continue reading

Happy New Year!!

Darya Allen-AttarI have decided that the word for me in 2012 is STRATEGIC!!!  In 2012, which promises to be a complex year, I will be working on strategic growth of my business and assets, strategic positioning and strategic alliances. It is part of my realization that with the complexity that this year promises, time and resources are particularly limited, and that I need to plan, position and deploy resources carefully, and execute brilliantly to make this year count.  Plan, position and pounce!!!

Let’s tackle the challenges and sieze the opportunities together!   Building relationships and having authentic conversations is what makes my life fun, and we got to do that at the January Broads Circle members-only Monthly Huddle – Meet the CFOs.  At this lunch, we created the first Broads Pod! The CFO Broads Pod was created with new members Berenice Officer, Dogswell; Dawn Olsen, VCA Antech; Jen Petrovich, Body Armour; and Anne Plechner, CFO Consulting.  If you know of other members (or potential new members) who are CFOs and would like to join the CFO Broads Pod, please let us know.

The February Monthly Huddle is Meet the Investment Bankers and women in private equity, and will be on February 8th.  Hope to see our members there!  If you know of any women general counsels, please invite them to Broads Circle, as our March Monthly Huddle will be Meet the GCs.

Broads Circle is going to Orange County!  Our first event in OC will be held on Feb 15th.  Broads Circle is looking for C-Level women leaders in the OC to join the panel.  We have formed an OC advisory board to help plan and produce our events in OC. If you know of any OC professional women who would like to get involved with Broads Circle OC, please contact us. Continue reading

Invest in Yourself

Linda LoReAs the year is winding down, we have some great events to close it out on a positive note.  Be sure to check out the upcoming events listing on our website to learn more.   Our first annual Bottom Line Broads Awards on November 3rd was so exciting for us! We had a fantastic group of women who are leading the way in driving revenue and growing capital. View the event photos at www.BroadsCircle.com.

Is your revenue growth stalling a bit this year due to a tough economy?   Are you growing your capital as you would like?   If not, you may need to invest more time and effort in generating revenue for yourself and your business. I don’t mean sitting there doing the work, but maybe you should invest more in rainmaking.

Broads Circle events provide the opportunity to build business relationships. We believe that successful, impactful, powerful people have strong networks. They draw on these networks in driving revenue and growing capital for themselves and their corporations. Our events provide opportunities for exceptional women in Los Angeles to meet and create high quality money and power connections. Perfect for the Alpha-Girl building a stellar career.

If you are ready to take your revenue and capital to the next level, invest in yourself by attending an upcoming event and connecting with our guests and members. One conversation with the “right” person can help take your business to the next level. If you’ve never attended an event, we invite you to join us and find out what you’re missing!

Interested in membership? We offer the following networking tools for our members:

  1. Members-only dinners following cocktail events
  2. Monthly Huddle small group lunches
  3. Broads Pods – focus groups for specific industries/niches
  4. Writing articles for Broads Blogs
  5. Posting your news to the website or the member newsletter
  6. Publicizing your company events
  7. Connecting with other members to help build your business

Contact kim@broadscircle.com to request a membership application.

Darya Allen-Attar
Broads Circle Founder
Financial Advisor
Email: darya@broadscircle.com

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